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Acquisitions / Contact

Interested in adding an original work of art or hand signed print to your collection? Do you have a commission in mind? For pricing and availability please fill out the contact form below or feel free to email me at:

Cel: (1) (786) 832 1809

2 thoughts on “Acquisitions / Contact

  1. Hi,

    Your name was passed to me through Esti Brooks, hope you don’t mind! You do REALLY incredible work.

    I am with, an international coliving company with properties around the world, an emphasis on inspiring work/live environments and a mission that encourages collaboration, curiosity and community. We offer the ability to pay one fee ($1800/mo) and roam freely to work and live with a diverse group in unique locations.

    We currently have properties in Bali, Madrid, Miami.

    I’m writing because we have a sweet property in Little Havana (a historic landmark once called the Miami River Inn) and I wanted to reach out + connect and see if any of the below would ever be interesting to discuss? We are unfortunately on a tight budget at present so would be mostly open to an exchange type of situation if that ever interested you, and I totally understand if not. We are in beginning stages of trying to put together an event the first week of December as we have a lot of guests at that time visiting for Basel.

    – During Basel, we’d love to host an event on the property featuring art in various rooms (including bedrooms, large open work rooms + multiple living rooms and/or yoga/library etc)
    – We’d love to showcase some relevant pieces around the property during Basel or otherwise. Are open to a stay exchange or otherwise.

    In short, we have a giant cool property in Little Havana, with a lot of available wall space and areas to showcase (as well as host an event) + a built-in international community of art enthusiasts + guests staying w/us for Basel (an opportunity to put your work in front of a relevant group of people).

    Let me know if anything here sounds of interest (for now or future) and I’m happy to chat on the phone!

    1. Hi Soshana.

      Thank you for contacting me.

      I am really happy that you like my work.

      What you are describing to me sounds very interesting, I would love to talk with you or even visit the property.

      My Cel is 7868321809 let me know when is a good time for you to talk.

      Thank you you again for contacting me.

      Let me know if you have any questions.



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